Colorful Cloud legwarmers

Colorful Cloud leg warmers
(formerly known as FLDSMDFR Cloud leg warmers)

The perfect accessory for that gorgeous hand-dyed skein you just had to have, but are not sure what to do with, or that wild, colorful skein that will never go with anything in your wardrobe. The perfect project if you need a change from our beloved single skein shawls. If you can knit, purl and count to 5 you can knit these leg warmers. Great for social knitting or knitflixing.

Cecelia Campochiaro’s concept of Sequence Knitting is simple: take a sequence of stitches and repeat them again and again, creating a myriad of complex and interesting fabrics.

Detailed written instructions plus chart for visual aid.

Pattern available for $3 on PayhipRavelry, Lovecrafts and Ribblr.

This pattern has been tech edited and test knitted.


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