Beehive Mitts


These elbow-length fingerless mitts are as easy and fun to knit as they are to wear. They’re worked seamlessly in the round with easy cables and color-work, both perfect for new-bees. Roll the ribbing down to expose your fingers as much or as little as you like, or unroll it completely to (mostly) cover your fingers to keep them toasty! You’ll start with 1x1 ribbing, then work ‘repeating circle’ cables for a bit, and on to the colorwork bees after a short bit of stockinette, ending with 2x1 ribbed upper cuff, and finishing off with the afterthought thumb.

I’ll be donating 25% of all sales of this pattern to The Bee Cause, who provides youth with opportunities to understand, engage, and learn from honey bees in order to connect with the natural environment while developing STEAM skills. To date, The Bee Cause Project has provided hives for 300 schools in 50 states and 4 countries that are a part of the Bee Cause community. It all starts with education!

Pattern available for $6 on Payhip, RavelryLovecrafts and Ribblr.

This pattern has been tech edited and test knitted.

Pamela so kindly wrote: 

Hi Jen! I just had to let you know what I think of your writing. I’m making your Beehive mitts for a friend/coworker who raises bees. When I saw the mitts I fell in love with them and instantly thought of my friend and hoped the pattern would be published in time for me to make these before Christmas. When I saw that it was published, I was sooooo happy. But, when I looked at the pattern, I thought I would never be able to figure these out. Thanks to your fabulous clear, concise writing, I’m almost done with the first mitt with no problems whatsoever. I am so proud of myself and can’t wait to try more of your patterns. Thanks Jen! 

....and after she finished, she said:
Most fun thing I’ve ever made! Can’t wait to try more of your patterns- your writing is SO easy to understand!


🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 SAVE THE BEES!! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

I’m hoping that these cuties will help bring awareness to the threat of survival for the bees and their critical role in the environment. As you’ve probably already heard, they are now officially on the endangered species list!



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