Lucky (Brand) "Sweatpants" jeans

These are another very special pair.

I call them my sweatpants jeans. 

These are the other masterpiece of my beloved kitty who sat on my lap daily and eroded the thighs of my jeans with his claws. This pair is even more special than the lucky Luckys, though. These are also my road-trip jeans. I wore these most days on our 34 day road-trip around the US a few years back... before I understood the intricacies of mending. 

The patched areas now need some reinforcing, and the shreds are getting so fragile I get nervous stepping into them. They are ridiculously comfortable, though so it is time.

I started with the hole in the left pocket, darning over it with a variegated Sashiko floss and my Speedweve by MissionXGoods. 
Don't mind the orange pen marks. That's just washable Crayola marker to help me see what I'm doing. They won't get washed until I've made several mends, though.



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