My lucky Lucky jeans

These jeans are very special to me.

Not only are they super comfy, but the holes and shreds were made from my big kitty while sitting on my lap. 

He's been gone for several years now, but I had a long time with him. He was 20 when he passed. (He's the kitty honored on my inner left forearm.) For the last half of his life, he lived at my work. All day long while I sat at my desk he would sit on my lap, and his claws slowly eroded away my denim. These were 1 of 2 pair of "daily work jeans", so he had a lot of time to work on them without my noticing. 

I chose to keep the shreds in the left thigh and reinforce from the inside, but the gaping hole on the right thigh was begging for a big swatch of beautiful "Ichimezashi Kakinohana" Sashiko stitching. But then of course I had to throw in some color, so I freehanded some inlines with hand-dyed Sashiko floss. 

The right upper thigh needed some reinforcing, as well so I brought in some more color with a fun fabric and more freestyle stitching with hand-dyed Sashiko floss. 

The rear is going to need some reinforcement soon, too. It's getting quite thin. I'll share that with you, too. But I'm enjoying wearing them for now!


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