Twisted Slipster now has a sister !


Twisted Slipster Poncho

She is just as pretty and squishy, and gives just as cozy of a hug as her sister wrap, only she doesn’t let go! The Twisted Slipster Sisters are almost exactly a year apart, and their birthdays are a few days from my own. 

Maybe that's why I love them so much? 😉

Ponchos are so great because they can be easy to knit, they look good on all shapes, and are really practical to wear! The surprisingly easy to remember pattern is beautiful in its simplicity, a meditative project perfect for Knitflixing, social knitting, or even KWD (knitting while drinking).

This is my go-to accessory when I want to be warm and look nice. With it’s elegant drape, it pairs well with anything from leggings to an elegant dress …but I also wear it around the house all the time because it’s like a lightweight blanket wrapped around my torso!

You’ll work flat with an easy to remember 4-row repeat, then block, fold in half and seam along one edge to create neck opening. I'm hoping you'll give the crochet seam a try. It's very tidy, sturdy, and is invisible from the right side. uploaded a demo video to my YouTube channel to show you how I do it. 

For more pattern and purchasing info, click HERE.


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