Rad Honey Shawl

Rad Honey Shawl

I'm excited to introduce you to Rad Honey, an asymmetrical shawl that is as easy to work up as it is to wear. All it takes is 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn, and knits and purls.

This texture is so sublime, it would look just as beautiful in a single color, or even a solid. 

But I love stripes, and I had these two gorgeous skeins of yarn that I bought with something else entirely in mind ...but what I imagined didn't play out as I thought. These yarns were so special, though that I had to create something worthy, something that would show off and highlight both how interesting they are on their own, and how intriguing they become when combined. 

That being said, I am genuinely thrilled to see what you all decide to create for yourselves. I'm imagining bright, high-contrasting colors, but I also see muted tones with jewel tones, I see mono chromatics, I see moody combos and even black and whites. 

When you're wanting a knit that is super knitflix worthy, or if you're a beginner wanting to flaunt your knit and purls, or wanting to try sequence knitting for the first time, I hope you choose the Rad Honey shawl. 

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