A fun practice project for beginners

Elvery Day Slippers are a great project for a beginner knitter to practice their newly acquired skills.

Many beginner knitters are looking for a project they can apply their new skills to beyond making scarves and cowls, but don't feel they're quite ready to tackle all the ins and outs of a sweater. The Elvery Day Slippers are perfect for just this! These are some of the skills you'll use in the pattern:

  • casting on
  • garter stitch
  • increasing
  • decreasing
  • binding off
  • working in the round - either with double-pointed needles or circular needles using magic loop - your choice
  • binding off mid-project
  • stockinette stitch - in the round and flat
  • crochet seam - I know this is not really a beginner knitting skill, but it is fun and useful, and I provide a video tutorial for you for easy clarification
  • and when it comes time to replace your sole, you'll learn how to rip a seam! Don't worry, I have a video tutorial for that too so it's FUN, not scary.
And because they work up relatively quickly, you'll probably want to make more than one pair using your creativity to make them your own style with different suggestions given in the pattern. Not to mention, unless you live alone, they just might disappear only to reappear on someone else's feet! 


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